June 17, 2019

Isabela's Peppa Pig Birthday Bash!

This was one swanky 4 year old's birthday party if I do say so myself. From the confetti balloons, to the beautiful flower displays to the giant unicorn balloons with a huge #4 to the special custom made birthday cakes, this party was lit (no pun intended). The kids were over the moon that the party was at Epic Fun so there was always something super fun for them to do and the best part is that they would definitely be worn out from all the running and jumping and climbing at the end of the party! Isabela was so cute when she saw the decorated birthday room and she looked so pretty in her sparkly dress. Her face lit up when she saw her finished face paint artwork on herself...just adorable. Kick back and check out Isabela's super fun birthday bash!

Jason & Lea's Wedding Camp Capers, Texas

As I loaded up the car with my photography equipment I was questioning those dark, eery clouds looming over. Camp Capers is almost a two hour drive away and I knew Jason & Lea's wedding would be outside...ahhh...the iffy weather is always a photographer's nightmare especially at weddings since we've got one day to make it happen. The entire drive was in the rain and I was feeling skepticle. My second shooter, Stephanie was checking the weather radar the entire way and we were hoping that it was moving around us. As we pulled onto the property a few hours later, the drizzle stopped and we hopped out to take some shots of the beautiful wildflowers and the butterflies dancing happily among them. I held my breath and didn't want to say anything but was hopeful that it might actually clear up by the time the wedding started. Ya just gotta love Texas weather! That is EXACTLY what happened and the amphitheater dried out just in time so the guests didn't have wet seats. The wedding was super sweet and the ceremony was performed by Rob (Lea's step dad) which made it all the more special. This family has so many amazing musicians so the music was SO good since it was being performed by loved ones. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ceremony with the best bride and groom and families. Here's to a life time of happiness, laughter and love to Jason and Lea. Grab your latte and crumpets and kick back and watch this sweet video of their wedding day.

May 27, 2019

Dr. Mathue's Family Shoot

I've been working with Mai Orthodontics for the past few years documenting their patients new smiles after braces, the updated staff photos every fall and Dr. Mai's family photos of her and her boys. Since she has decided to retire and sell her practice, I've had the pleasure to meet Dr. Mathue who is the new orthodontist taking over the practice. I met him and his family a few weeks ago for an early morning photo shoot and his little girls are the cutest ever! We did a lot of moving and shaking that morning with the little red wagon to the pin wheels to blowing bubbles. Grab your cub of joe and kick back and enjoy this little video full of fun and joy!

May 14, 2019

Garrett's Graduating! Senior 2019!

The Senioritis has officially kicked in for good and is not leaving before these kids graduate in a few weeks. I'm still wrapping up a few last minute senior sessions and these guys are just so cute! Garrett was a real trooper and even let his mama jump in a few photos with him. Oh, and we can't forget Blu (his dog) either. Blu found a red solo cup during the shoot and crushed it...I think he's got to be a country dog for sure...lovin' those red solo cups! Grab your cup of joe and kick back and take a look at big G's video.

March 27, 2019

Jaye Senior 2019

I've been doing some pretty amazing senior photo sessions lately. These kids are rocking their sessions & I'm having so much fun documenting this time in their life. Jaye was in elementary school with my son and now and I'm photographing her senior photos. This just makes me want to cry like a baby that these kids are already this grown up. Time? Where does it go? Really? Jaye is off to Texas A & M and I'm sure she'll knock it out of the park there with her college studies. Take a look at this beauty!

March 21, 2019

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hello long lost blog. I'm sorry for neglecting you but I'm having a difficult time doing any blogging or social media b/c I'm just trying to get my work done in a timely manner and IT"S HARD! I'm super thankful that I'm so busy except that my stress level is creeping up and staying up. Maybe this little blog post will be therapeutic for me. What's sad is that I've photographed some really cool stuff and people lately but I can't share b/c of lack of time. Ha! The irony of it all. I took last weekend off though and it was pretty epic...my first Saturday off since the beginning of the year. I went to a SXSW music event (Rachel Ray's Feedback as a matter of fact) and the whole experience was fantastic. I stood in line at 8am with my crazy neighbors and thankfully they brought mimosas to make the 2 hour wait VERY enjoyable. :) The sun was shining, people were happy and friendly and the best part was that everything was FREE! Once we got into Stubb's, Rachel Ray provided free food (SO GOOD!), free drinks (YELL YEAH!) and free music (HELLO BOB SCHNEIDER) and all with my best friends. Everyone should experience a Saturday like that! Our little secret but I didn't know who Big Boi was...I think I knew 1 of his songs. Lol!:) #SXSW #Stubbsbbq #RachelRay #Feedback #BobSchneider #BigBoi #Buzzedby10am #Goodtimes #Livinfortheweekend

February 7, 2019

Hey! Hey! Happy New Year!

So, I'm a month behind on wishing everyone a Happy New Year! My photography year has started off strong and busy! My social media and blogging falls behind when that happens. But, I'm here now and wanted to post an amazing wedding that I had the opportunity to shoot over the weekend. One of my best and most loyal clients got married this past Saturday and I'm just thrilled for the both her and Brian. I have been photographing Kelli's children since preschool! Now, together with Brian they're a family 7! They are the modern day Brady Bunch and just so cute together. They got married at St. Mary's Cathedral downtown at 7:30 pm and I'm not going to lie there were ALOT of rules that the photographers had to follow and the biggie was NO Flash! Thankfully, the church was well lit and we got some beautiful photos. Then, the reception was at Lustre Pearl East which is just the cutest, tiniest house on the east side that hosts private parties. It was a beautiful and fun wedding and I'm so glad that I was there to document this day for the two of them. I love you guys! I hope you love the photos! This is just a few that I've put together so you could have something to tide you over until I get the rest finished.