June 27, 2014

Another Growing Family

I am so happy for the Sandahls that their family is growing by one! I've been photographing this couple before they ever had children so it's always so fun to see how families grow and change (especially when it's for the good!). In this case, very much so. This family has such a fun, joyful spirit that seeing their family grow will be such a pleasure. Congratulations, Sandahls on your new addition!

Heeeeee's Back!

Hey ladies, Corey is back! We did another photo shoot with a more urban look for his updated portfolio. Stay tuned because we may see him on the big screen one day!

May 19, 2014

Lizzy Senior 2014

I had another great senior shoot a few weeks back and I'm highlighting Lizzy. She was so fun and cute and we got some really cool shots at this industrial place downtown. We don't even know what this place is but leave it up to me to find these off the beaten path locations. She loved the grunge look of it and thought it was cool so we just walked the property and found all sorts of cool spots. Without further adoo...here's Lizzy!

April 15, 2014

Welcome to Austin!

What an adventure! This family has moved to Austin from Oregon for one year. Can you imagine? With their family! When I hear stories like this, I think those people are really taking life by the horns and going for it! They are living in the moment and seeing what new adventures come their way. I kind of did that a few times when I was young...one year I moved to Key Largo in the Florida Keys and lifeguarded at a private resort, another summer I moved to Annapolis, Maryland and waitressed at a crab house and one year I took off from school and worked on a small cruise ship BUT I was always thinking about just myself to move around. Would you have the guts to up and move your FAMILY for one year to a new city? I would like to think that I would but the truth is I don't know if I could. I'm sure now that my son is a teenager that would be even harder. I'd have to listen to him belly ache all the time about missing his friends back at home. I find this very interesting to think about and give the Kizziars kudos for taking life by the horns and doing it! Here's to the adventurists who are living life. This very first photo sums up living in Austin. This guy comes walking out of who knows where into the alley and where is he going? To the pool? You gotta love it! Haha!

Moira The Midwestern Model

Not so long ago (that's how I feel anyway) there was a young girl named Brandi who went to college at MIZZOU (University of Missouri) for those not familiar with the term. She joined a sorority (not that she wanted to...her mom and sister mailed her rush form in for her) but soon found out how wise her mother and sister were. Being a part of that Kappa Delta sorority was such a fun part of my life (except the Monday night meetings that lasted 4EVA!) and where I met some really great friends who I'm still really great friends with. I had the coolest sorority mom, Jenn, so cool that she was even President and I got to live in the Presidential 2-man suite with her! That was luxury since there were several 6-man rooms! We graduated college and Jenn moved back to Chicago and I moved all over the place and ended up in Austin and here we are years later and Jenn tells me that she's bringing her daughter Moira to Austin for a visit and while they're here she would love for me to photograph Moira for her senior photos! It was so great to be reunited again and see how special her daughter is (who is like Jenn's twin) and be able to share in that special moment with them. I had so much fun taking these photos except for the fact that I got into some "stinging nettle" and for all you Texans you know what I'm talking about. It's worse than getting bit by 30 fire ants! Without further ado, here's MMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!