February 7, 2019

Hey! Hey! Happy New Year!

So, I'm a month behind on wishing everyone a Happy New Year! My photography year has started off strong and busy! My social media and blogging falls behind when that happens. But, I'm here now and wanted to post an amazing wedding that I had the opportunity to shoot over the weekend. One of my best and most loyal clients got married this past Saturday and I'm just thrilled for the both her and Brian. I have been photographing Kelli's children since preschool! Now, together with Brian they're a family 7! They are the modern day Brady Bunch and just so cute together. They got married at St. Mary's Cathedral downtown at 7:30 pm and I'm not going to lie there were ALOT of rules that the photographers had to follow and the biggie was NO Flash! Thankfully, the church was well lit and we got some beautiful photos. Then, the reception was at Lustre Pearl East which is just the cutest, tiniest house on the east side that hosts private parties. It was a beautiful and fun wedding and I'm so glad that I was there to document this day for the two of them. I love you guys! I hope you love the photos! This is just a few that I've put together so you could have something to tide you over until I get the rest finished.