April 6, 2020

Jack's Senior Photos!

Like all business right now we're all adapting. We're in the midst of our shelter in place so I'm no longer able to see clients and do in studio photo viewings so I'm posting their videos here on the blog so clients don't have to wait to see their photos. I'm so happy I photographed Jack before all the Covid restrictions happened. We got some great shots of him on his high school's property and brand new football/lacrosse field which looks absolutely amazing. I know this year is a tough year for the class of 2020 which makes it even more important to document this senior year during this historical time in our world. Grab your quarantine drink (which most likely has alcohol in it;)) and some chips and dip and kick back and watch this awesome video of Jack!

March 30, 2020

Ice Cream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

As a photographer (and a parent), it's always entertaining for me to hear what the parent has set "the bribe" to be to their kids to participate and "be good" during the photo shoot. Some are lavish gifts and some are as simple as an m& m. In this case, we were about 3/4 of the way through the photo shoot and the boys were getting restless and all it took was one reminder that after the shoot they'd be rewarded with... MILKSHAKES!!! In the very first photo you see below is the kids reaction when Mom and Dad mentioned milkshakes. The boys were back in 100% ready to finish the shoot so they could get that reward. Their reactions are priceless. :) Zack gave this photo shoot to his wife as a Christmas gift and then we waited until spring when it warmed up and nature came to life to do their shoot. What a great idea, right?! This is the gift that keeps on giving...forever! Grab your milkshake and some fries (goes together like peanut butter and chocolate to me!) and kick back and scroll through some fun shots that we captured during our family shoot. #familyphotoshootspb #austinfamilyphotographer #familyphotoshoots #photoshoots #photoshootsession #photoshootstudio #photoshootstyle #photoshootselfie #PhotoshootSoon #photoshootsetup #photoshootsarehard #austinfamily #photoshootstyling #photoshootsunday #photoshoots⠀#photoshootseason #austinfamilylegacy #photoshootstylist #photoshootsuper #photoshootstories #photoshootsomething #photoshootsaretough #photooftheday #family #photo #photoshoot #photos #familytime

March 15, 2020

Baby 2020

We photographed Mike and Sarah's maternity shoot out at Hamilton Pool a few weeks ago and the weather was just perfect for a mid February day! Sarah was looking adorable in her mustard yellow PinkBlush maternity dress and Mike was decked out in his casual wear. I love that Sarah brought a big sun hat as an added accessory to the shoot. The pool made for a great natural backdrop along with all the large rocks and textures and I was pleasantly surprised that we didn't have to dodge too many people in the park that day. I'm so excited to meet their baby in a few months and photograph the whole family together! Here's a few shots from the session. #maternity #pregnancy #baby #pregnant #newborn #maternityphotography #love #motherhood #maternityshoot #photography #family #babygirl #newbornphotography #babybump #momtobe #momlife #babyboy #maternidad #mom #maternityphotoshoot #babyshower #maternityfashion #maternityphotographer #photographer #bebe #prewedding #newbornphotographer #breastfeeding #mama

February 20, 2020

Love is in the Air

I'm about to photograph Sarah and Mike this weekend for their maternity shoot and wanted to do a walk down memory lane of their engagement session! Sarah had the balloon made special for their shoot which I thought was just too cute and added an element of fun to their shoot. Grab a crumpet and some tea and sit back and enjoy this sweet video of love.