July 29, 2018

The Knittles Family Reunion

I enjoyed photographing the Knittles big family get together out in Drippings Springs. They were up early on a Sunday morning, color coordinated and coffee in hand. I believe Pa-Paw turned 90 which is definitely a reason to get together and celebrate. I heard through the grapevine from some family members that Pa-Paw said he was only going to take 1 photo. I chuckled to myself when I heard this and thought 1 x 50 maybe?! :) Once it was Pa-Paw's turn to get photographed he was the star of the show and didn't complain at all (at least not to me!). I love when family's take the time to prepare to document these important gatherings together. I know that photo shoots can be very daunting to plan but the time and effort that goes into these family photographs are well worth it. Grab your cup of tea and a cookie and sit back and relax and watch how sweet the Knittle's video turned out.

July 2, 2018

Beach Shoots

I will be out of the office in Austin Tuesday, July 3rd-Sunday, July 8th. I'll be doing beach shoots in Port Aransas, TX! If you happen to be down at the beach over the 4th of July and want a beach shoot please email/message me.

June 14, 2018

Ryan Senior 2018

Check out this amazing video of Ryan's senior shoot. Nothing better than a Texas senior shoot that includes climbing trees, long hair, soccer goals & Taco Mama (Tacoma) trucks! Grab a glass of vino and kick back and enjoy the ride!

June 7, 2018

Schultz Family

Wanted to post a few shots from the Schultz family shoot. If you scroll down a few posts, you can see their entire shoot in video. Enjoy!

June 4, 2018

Bailey's New Smile!

What do we have here? Another great smile by Dr. Mai! Bailey recently got her braces off and used her gift certificate from Dr. Mai to get her new smile photographed. We had so much fun doing her shoot in a rustic setting. She looked so cute in her cowgirl boots!

May 30, 2018

Jaxson Senior 2018

These senior sessions are killing me emotionally! I guess because I know a lot of these kids personally and I'm going to be in this exact boat next year when my son will be a senior so my emotions are running high. I have cried like 3 times making and watching this video. The words in this song are heart wrenching. I'm sure Jaxson would've loved a rap song to his senior photos but this song is for his mom and I know she'll appreciate the words like I do. I love these kids that are making their senior sessions their own. Jaxson always wears a hat forward/backwards and if he's playing soccer then it's in a ponytail so these photos show exactly who he is on a daily basis. He's off to Texas A & M Corpus Christi in the fall to do big things. I wish him the best. Grab your glass of wine and a little tissue because you're going to need it and kick back and relax and watch this tear jerker. :) #bowiesenior2018

May 24, 2018

Claire & Daniel Prom 2018

I got to photograph these two last Saturday night before they headed off to their prom. What a couple of cuties! Claire's eyes just popped in that teal green dress and Daniel was looking dapper as ever. Kick back and relax and turn up the volume b/c I really love this song and it's message! #westlakeprom2018

May 21, 2018

Rachel Senior 2018

Another great senior shoot goes down in the books! Rachel is a real beauty and she looks so natural in all her photos. The mosquitos were out in full force during our shoot and poor Rachel was just getting eaten alive. Luckily, you can't tell from the photos but the poor girl was a REAL trooper! Grab your chips and cheese and turn up the volume and kick back and relax and watch Rachel's video.

May 16, 2018

Baby Skylar!

This sweet lil' nugget came several weeks early and she is just the sweetest bundle of joy. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the family and documenting this new life. Renee and Jimmy had some really special ideas of their own about incorporating into the shoot so that is what we did! We got Skylar in the sky on a fluffy cloud, on Papa Duck's 442, a delivery sent straight from Papa Duck in Heaven in the suitcase and a 4 generation hand shot. They were real troopers b/c our weather was just awful with rain but we went ahead and did the best we could do with getting Skylar on the 442 outside! Since I don't photograph a whole lot of newborns, this shoot was a lot of fun and very creative. Grab your cup of joe and kick back and relax and see how sweet baby Skylar is!

May 2, 2018

More Senior Sessions...This Time It's My Nephew!

Caleb (aka "KK") is my nephew who is graduating this year!!! Aaaaagggghhhh! It's all sort of surreal. He's super smart (going to Rice), he's super artsy (writes and directs plays) and apparently he loves Lorde (which I just learned not too long ago). I'm really excited for his future and to see what he ends up doing with his life! :) We ended up shooting around Lamar Union because there's so many great spots to use there and it didn't disappoint. Here's a few shots from his session. #westlakesenior2018
The Cheering Section (my sister & neice)

April 28, 2018

Things Are Looking Up Now...Sam Senior 2018

Another great senior shoot from Hays HS! I was so excited to photograph Sam in his ROTC uniform and then when he changed into his bow tie and converse I was over the moon. Kick back and relax and check out Sam's cool video. ##hayshighschoolsenior2018

April 12, 2018

Makayla...Hays High School Senior 2018

This beauty was so sweet and fun to photograph. We got some great shots of her in the bluebonnets and then we trudged through the fields and found this old tree that looks like it's been struck by lightning. It made for a great texture in the background of her photos and thank goodness we didn't come across any snakes! Grab a snack and kick back and enjoy Makayla's video. #hayshighschoolsenior2018 #growinup #graduationgirl

March 31, 2018

Mateo...Austin High Senior 2018

Gosh! I didn't even recognize this guy when he showed up for his senior session. It had been a few years since I had seen him and wouldn't have recognized him if it weren't for his mama being there. These senior sessions are just so important to document this time in your child's life. I know b/c I'm experiencing it, too. My son is a junior this year and we're in the hubbub of getting the SAT test done and starting to look at colleges. Don't wait parents...this is one of THE most important mile stones in your child's life and it's time to be documented. I had so much fun photographing Mateo. He looked so dapper in his sport coat and tie and I LOVED when he wore his mirrored shades in some of the pics. He was a good sport and went along with whatever I suggested. Get your cup of tea and sit back and watch Mateo's video...handsome dude! #austinhighschoolsenior2018

March 28, 2018

Justin Senior 2018

My spring break was filled with lots of senior shoots and I loved every second of it! I can't believe these boys are almost grown. Justin used to live next door to us and play with my son Sloan all the time. I think they moved when the boys were like in 4th or 5th grade so it's always shocking to see them grown when you haven't seen them in awhile. #BowieSenior2018 #BowieHS #Austinphotographer

Bali & Dylan's Video

March 22, 2018

Karissa's Going Places!!!

I grew up in a teeny tiny town in southeast Missouri and I had this best friend before kindergarten named Stephanie. We went to the same church, were in the same kindergarten class, went to school K-12 and even had EVERY single class together our sophomore year in high school...what are the odds! We went off to different colleges but remained friends through the years. We both ended up in Texas just not the same city. Now here we are YEARS later and she's bringing her daughter who's a senior to Austin so we can do Karissa's senior photos! Eek! We had SO much fun catching up on old times and filling each other in on new things in our lives. And, in the midst of all the laughter we squeezed in one heck of a senior shoot in about 30 mph winds. I have to say Karissa was a REAL trooper b/c these winds were strong and she has very long hair. In many of our photos it looks like we busted out the industrial fans however it was just Mother Nature wreaking havoc on us. ;) I'm so thankful for lifelong friends especially those crazy girls I grew up with from Ironton. There is nothing better than friends who know you inside and out and even when lengths of time pass without seeing/talking to each other you can pick right up where you left off from before. Get yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on what time of day it is and sit back and watch this sweet video of Karissa. Karissa is graduating 19th in her class of almost 1000 in Spring, Texas and she's headed off to Texas A&M for college! Like the song says in the video...Go On Girl! #senior2018 #austinseniorphotographer #growingup #lamarunion

Babies Are Growing Up!

I've been photographing these two since they were new borns...yikes I'm getting old! What I love about these yearly photo shoots is that I get to watch these kids grow up right before my very eyes. These two are the absolute sweetest things you could ever imagine. They both welcomed me with a big hug and they're so sweet to each other (at least when I'm around!) and treat each other with respect. They rocked their shoot quickly at Brushy Creek Park and then were rewarded with their Starbucks afterwards! :) Take a look at these beauties! #siblingsshoot #cedarparkphotographer #brushycreekpark #choosekind

March 8, 2018

Booking Spring Senior Sessions 2018

Meet Me In Memphis

I was so excited for my trip to Memphis to check out this old, colorful city and to meet up with a cute boy (that I already know) and of course the day before I'm to leave I start feeling like dog doo. Seriously? Whyyyyy? Why right before the trip? Why not the week before or when I get home? Noooooo! It has to happen during the trip...ugh. I still made the trip but I went down hill more once I got there so I didn't get to see as much as I would've liked to have. I still had fun and was taken well care of but I guess I'll just have to go back for a round 2. I did want to share some of the pics from my trip because Memphis has a really old, cool vibe with lots of art and music. We stayed downtown at Hotel Napoleon and it's an old building that has been completely remodeled on the inside and our room was cozy with giant windows looking out onto the city. The service was excellent and everyone was super friendly. The location was perfect. We could walk to The Peabody in 2 minutes, Beale Street in 5-7 minutes and S. Main in 2-3 minutes. The streets are filled with these old, glamorous buildings with amazing detail and a lot of them are sitting empty...could definitely tell this place used to be thriving. I always can dream SO big when I see these places that have such good bones but need a good gut job. They're diamonds in the rough. I have no doubt that Memphis is on it's way back. Beale Street is where the action happens with the live music at BB King's Blues Bar and all sorts of other places. It's sort of a mini 6th Street like here in Austin. You can just walk up and down the closed off road and meander into shops, bars and restaurants and check out the different vibes. No, I didn't make it to Graceland...just didn't have the energy so I'll have to go back to check that out. I do have a photo of me and my sister when we were little in front of Graceland. It was closed that day or maybe that's just what our dad told us. Ha! Who knows! All in all, Memphis gets my vote! If you have the opportunity to go, I say check it out and enjoy the vibe. It's even better if you can meet a cute boy there, too. #travelphotographer #meetmeinmemphis #hotelnapoleon #burnttoast #bestporkribs #Gus'sworldfamousfriedchicken