April 3, 2017

Kendall's Senior Session

My poor blog has been neglected so much this year but it's not for lack of photo shoots to post it's lack of time! I'm really going to try and do better about keeping this baby updated. I photographed Kendall in one of the most beautiful parks in Austin. There's so many great places to shoot around the park and she had requested a park setting with some Austin flair so this was the perfect place! Photographing these high school seniors are my absolute fav...I wish I would've had senior photos like this when I was young. My senior photos consisted of the studio background set up in the teacher's lounge at my high school with the cheesy photographer from the next town over sporting his blond mullet...ugh, he thought he was SO cool. Ha! Actually, my hair wasn't much better! :D These sessions make me so happy and the girls are just so photogenic and fashionable that it makes my job so fun. And, Kendall was no different. She rocked it! I absolutely love her kimono shots where she was having fun with it. Here's a few fun shots of her...

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