August 8, 2017

Costa Rica Sunsets

Have you ever seen a Costa Rican sunset? While sitting on the beach? With your toes in the sand? With a mojito in your hand? With your bff's by your side? Well, don't be jealous but I have. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to the Four Seasons at Peninsula Papagayo for a few days and these sunsets are by far some of my ALL time favorites! Our summer is their rainy season. We really got lucky and it only rained the night we arrived and not for long...more like a sprintz or sprinkle. Most mornings were filled with sun and by the late afternoon we would plant ourselves on the beach to watch the sunset and well, enjoy a little happy hour. We always thought we were going to see the sun set into the water but every night about an hour before the sun would sink the clouds would roll in and block us from seeing the sun set into the water. However, those clouds made for some miraculous color! Finally, the last night we were there the sky was clear and we were watching intently for the "green flash". Ever seen the green flash at sunset? Well, we didn't either but we sure tried! Here's a few shots of the various sunsets that we witnessed. You must go. #fourseasons #costaricasunsets #toesinthesand #mojitosinthehand

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