January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

I'm starting the new year off just like I always do ... easing into the new year slowly. I do it every year. I'm not gung ho with the new year until week two. That's just how I roll. I'm slow to change (not sure that's a good trait but that's me!). I work my buns off like a mad dog September through December and by the time Christmas rolls in I can barely keep it all together. My norm has become to chill that week of Christmas and then ease into the new year slowly. I like to make a few goals for my business and for myself but look let's not go crazy here. I don't need the disappointment if I can't follow through. Here I am though BLOGGING!!! Yay me! AND...I'm getting my Google Business account set up today and I went to Body Pump at the gym. Heck, I guess I am an over achiever. Ha! I'm going to try and make some fun changes to the business to shake things up. Can you believe I've been a photographer for 19 years? 2019 will be my 20th anniversary. I better get to work and shake it up...gotta keep things fresh. Happy New Year! Here's a few shots from my New Year's Eve!

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