June 17, 2019

Jason & Lea's Wedding Camp Capers, Texas

As I loaded up the car with my photography equipment I was questioning those dark, eery clouds looming over. Camp Capers is almost a two hour drive away and I knew Jason & Lea's wedding would be outside...ahhh...the iffy weather is always a photographer's nightmare especially at weddings since we've got one day to make it happen. The entire drive was in the rain and I was feeling skepticle. My second shooter, Stephanie was checking the weather radar the entire way and we were hoping that it was moving around us. As we pulled onto the property a few hours later, the drizzle stopped and we hopped out to take some shots of the beautiful wildflowers and the butterflies dancing happily among them. I held my breath and didn't want to say anything but was hopeful that it might actually clear up by the time the wedding started. Ya just gotta love Texas weather! That is EXACTLY what happened and the amphitheater dried out just in time so the guests didn't have wet seats. The wedding was super sweet and the ceremony was performed by Rob (Lea's step dad) which made it all the more special. This family has so many amazing musicians so the music was SO good since it was being performed by loved ones. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ceremony with the best bride and groom and families. Here's to a life time of happiness, laughter and love to Jason and Lea. Grab your latte and crumpets and kick back and watch this sweet video of their wedding day.

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