September 16, 2012

My Little Honey Bunny!

I have 2 honey bunny's that I refer is my son and the other is my niece. Somehow the stars aligned and me and my niece had a sleepover and it was just the two of us. I guess my boys were out of town or something. I can't remember. :~) She's totally into Lala Loopsy so brought all her gear over so we could play, we did her fashion princess sticker books, watched tv together, picnicked in the living room (that's a given at my house) AND I talked her into a photo shoot! The last time we did this our photo shoot lasted a whopping 8 minutes and she said, "Ok, Aunt Brannie I'm done." I decided we'd need a little longer this time so I talked her into bringing some of her Lala Loopsy stuff and being photographed with all her critters. She liked that idea. SCORE! The next toughest step is getting her to brush her hair. This child has the tenderest head I've ever seen. Seriously, I'll barely even touch the brush to her hair (not her scalp) and she'll be screaming, "OUCH!STOP!" I talked her into a "side pony" like Aunt Brannie was wearing and she liked that idea, too. SLAM DUNK! We made it to the park just in time for it to start raining (oh, brother!) but we plugged along b/c it was only a slight drizzle. :) For the most part, she ended up having fun with it. She does have a serious side to her so there are some of those shots as well but this by far was the best she ever performed for me. Without further adoo, here's Miss A. with her loopy excuse me I mean lala loopsy friends!

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Unknown said...

Love these photos!!! you really captured her personality! :) wish we were closer...we need a photo shoot! It has been tooo long!