October 22, 2018

Emily Senior 2019!!!

Emily and my son went to preschool together and were going to get married when they were 3 years old. Because they fell in love in preschool and always wanted to be together when they were little Emily's mom, Letty and I became best friends over the years. While the kids have grown apart, Letty and I have remained fast friends so it was a given (and privilege) that I'd photograph Em for her senior photos. They ended up in San Antonio after several moves so we still get to see each other once in awhile. It's been so fun to see how the kids have grown up and changed and what their interests are. They're definitely not interested in each other any more (HA!) and I think they look more like brother and sister anyway...same eye color, same hair color, similar skin color. But here we are looking at our children who are now young adults and are about to embark on new ventures in their life after they graduate high school...I get so sappy every time I think about it! Ugh. Anyway, let me wrap this up before I start crying. We got some beautiful photos of Emily so grab your iced tea and banana bread and kick back and watch her video. :)

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Letty said...

Hard to believe the kids are Seniors and going to college next year. Thanks for an awesome shoot - neither rain, nor dark clouds, nor strong winds kept us from getting beautiful photos...always a great time when we get together. LOVE these so much Brandi! Love you and so blessed to have you in my life!!! See you soon.