October 25, 2018

The Alvarado's Are Amazing!

I know the honest truth about family photos...and that is they are PAINFUL for the family to do. They are NOT painful for me. I actually enjoy photographing families. It takes a lot of preparation on mom's part to figure out coordinating outfits, work everyone's schedule out and get everyone ready in time...after school...ugh...it's exhausting just thinking about it. The kids would rather eat a piece of bark than do a photo shoot and Dad is usually just frustrated by everything. But, the truth of the matter is the pain that the family's go through to get family photos IS one of the most important things that you can do for your family! It's painful in the moment but those photographs WILL be appreciated for many, many years. Even though the kids don't appreciate it now, they can look back one day and say, "Remember how mad mom got b/c I had to borrow her socks during the shoot b/c I didn't wear any and my boots rubbed blisters on my feet I had to go bare foot?" It's all fresh now and probably not that funny but one day everyone will be able to look back and chuckle and I'm sure that family photo on the miniature Austin 360 bridge will be truly treasured. The moral of this story...get your family photos done...NOW! Don't wait to lose the 20 lbs because honestly that may be 3 years from now and you'll look back and say I wish I would've taken those pics when I had less wrinkles...maybe I didn't look so bad back then after all. The 1 hour of pain is worth it! #nopainnogain Get your glass of prosecco and cheese and crackers and watch the Alavarado's video b/c well, they ARE AMAZING!

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