November 20, 2020

ATX Lifestyle Photographer | Violet Crown Trail | The Harrimans

So, the couch became a "thing" in this shoot. As I was leaving the Harriman's house a few days before the shoot, I saw the white settee and mentioned that this would be cute to use in the shoot. Marion loved the idea and Josh wasn't quite as keen on the idea b/c he didn't want to get hot and sweaty the day of the shoot lugging it into the forest. I get it, right. Even in November we're pushing mid 80's in Texas. But of course Marion won out and a few hours before the shoot Josh and Ronan carried the couch down the Violet Crown Trail at least 1/4 mile if not more and hid the couch behind a huge thick shrub. Once the shoot started and we were venturing down the trail we all joked that wouldn't it be funny if we walked up and there were some homeless people lounging on the couch in the middle of nowhere smoking some cigarettes, chatting on their phones and listening to some tunes. I mean the thought of it just got me so tickled. However, when we arrived the couch was still hidden behind the bush and all was fine. I love this family so much and have known them now for several years because our sons are close friends. Just as I thought... they were super fun to photograph and I'm glad that I finally had the opportunity to do so. So, grab your gin and tonic and some triscuits and kick back and enjoy the Harrimans and their white couch. :)

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