March 31, 2010

Hippity Hop!

Last weekend I headed down to Gruene, Texas to meet one of my favorite little families...The Sandahls. Their little girl is growing so fast and she is absolutely adorable at 9 months. It was an Easter photo shoot and mom brought along all her cute, fuzzy Easter friends. It turned out to be an EGGS-ellent shoot!

March 12, 2010

Out of The Office

I will be out of the office from Friday, March 12-Thursday March 17th, 2010. Please leave me an email or voice message if needed.

We Are Back From Vegas!

Our trip to Vegas for WPPI was a huge success! I had a great time showing LeRoy around the WPPI conference and he even went to a couple of classes with me. The only class he was interested in was the "Celebrate Sexy" class on Boudoir photography...go figure! Men...gotta love em'! I sailed through my presentation multiple times and met a lot of great people there. Hopefully, something I said will inspire them in their own business. I love going to that tradeshow b/c there are so many cool products I can't soak everything in. Here's a few shots from the Pounds Booth.

March 11, 2010

A Little Highlight Of Me On Pounds Labs Blog

The pro lab that I use for most of my products is Pounds Labs. They are a great lab with exceptional quality products and great customer service. They recently did a highlight of me on their blog so check it out!
Pounds Labs

March 3, 2010

5 Days Till WPPI in Las Vegas!!!

I can't believe WPPI is here already again. This is a great convention for photographers from all over the world. Last year was my first year to attend and I had an absolute blast. I believe they said there was approximately 12,000 photographers there. I'm excited to go back this year and I'll be presenting in Pounds Labs booth #627 so come on by and say hi!

March 1, 2010

My Gal Pal Tammy

I took some new photos of my friend Tammy this week. After her recent break up, I thought we needed to get her out there for a fun photo shoot. She is an awesome model and so photogenic so I always love photographing her. Who doesn't love a good photoshoot to boost their spirit?. I hope she'll find her dream guy soon who will love her to death for the sweet, sweet person that she is!!!

Snow Day

The snow did come but it was just a little uneventful down by my house so the mini sessions didn't happen. I think if I lived up north or out in the hill country these would've happened with out a doubt. I thank everyone who was interested and we'll just keep this idea on the back burner so maybe we can do this again in about 5 years. :) The excitement of the kids was so cute. I really enjoyed their enthusiasm playing in the bits of snow.