May 30, 2011

Meet The Patersons!

The Patersons found me online (thanks to my website!) and traveled to Austin from different parts of Texas to visit their daughters and celebrate their dad's birthday. The photo session was a birthday present so we had to make sure dad had a great time and what better way catching a little buzz at 7:30 in the morning! They are big wine connoisseurs...they like to drink it, sniff it, swirl it, talk about it, go on wine trips around the world and would love to own their own winery one day. I decided what better place to take their family portraits than at a local winery. I did my own research and found the most awesome winery around...Solaro Estate. Talked to the owners and they welcomed us out VERY early one morning to share their beautiful property with us. The owners were so accomodating, friendly and proud. Their winery has just won an international competition for their tempranillo wine. Be sure to check this winery out when you're doing your TX hill country wine tour. They're awesome!
Back to the Patersons...I just had the best time photographing them in the vineyard. They were up for anything and just rolled with the punches. But then again, when you're drinking wine at 7:30am who wouldn't be up for anything?!! Check out their super cute pics now.

May 17, 2011

Port Aransas Beach Photos

I am heading to the beach as soon as school lets out and will be doing photos on the beach again. It was a huge success before and I am super excited to being doing this again. This year I have added an 11x14 to the package which makes this year a super SWEET deal! Give me a call and get your family scheduled b/c this may not happen again for another year.

May 13, 2011

The Bruners Are Back In Texas!

This is one of my best friends, Lori, who I moved to TX with nearly 15 years ago. We met in college my junior year when I moved into the Kappa Delta house. Lori was a spunky, little freshman who loved to hang out with our "older" group. In January 1996 (holy crap that sounds so long ago), there were 3 of us from Mizzou that packed our bags and started our new life here in Austin, TX. Yeeha! Two of us are still here but Lori moved to KY (poor thing) to run a successful family business. Her and her family came back this spring to visit and we just love when they're here. She has 3 crazy little boys and a super cute hubbie and they are trying to make their way back here in a few years. We can't wait! While they were here, we had to squeeze a family photo shoot in and the pics just turned out adorable. The shots of them wrestling, tickling and giggling are how they are ALL the time...lots and lots of energy! I want some of that, please!

May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All You Mommies Out There!

If you haven't seen this video, you really need to watch it. It's so perfect for Mother's Day.

May 4, 2011


Jill contacted me about shooting some new headshots for her b/c she is ready to get back into acting and modeling. She took a break to raise her kiddos and she's ready to get a piece of the movie action again...I don't blame her. We met downtown and just used the nice, neutral brick walls for her background and the lighting was great. She looks amazing and I'm sure she will be booking gigs right and left before long! I love her whispy little hair do and by the way she does hair at Salon Lush if anyone wants her cute cut! :)

May 2, 2011

Pink Speakers

Here's a video I made to show off my child photography to the Detroit Professional Photograhers Association at my speaking engagement a few weeks ago. It's snappy and makes me want to dance so turn it up and enjoy!

Sweet Angels

I photographed these two little honeys a few weeks ago. They arrived in their Easter white dresses and just looked so heavenly and sweet (which they were!). They were so cute to photograph and did a great job cooperating with Ms. Brandi. It sure helped that they had an ice cream bribe waiting on the wings after the shoot. After the shoot was over, "E" (the older of the two) wanted to take a photograph of me with her family so we may even have a future photographer on our hands, too. Look how cute...I just want to SQUEEZE them! I just love that next to the last shot. It looks like she's saying, "Shhhh, be berry, berry quiet...we're hunting wabbits!"