April 29, 2009

The Myers Gals

I'm running a little behind on my photo editing right now so I'm just getting to these shots that I took over Easter break. I had such a good time meeting and working with these little ladies...they were so easy to photograph and just cooperative as all get out. We got some really great shots in the bluebonnets and then did a part 2 to the shoot with a little more rustic feel. That's just how we like it!

April 23, 2009

Kelly's Senior Pics

Before I left for my trip, I had the pleasure of photographing Kelly who is a 2009 graduating senior. Yeah! We had a great time shooting in a few different places. Since she was on the rowing team she had requested that maybe we could do something with the boats and boathouse. I loved it! It made for some great textures and lines in the photos plus we incorporated "a little bit of her" into the shoot.

April 22, 2009

Honduras Heatwave

Here's a little video I made from our trip. I don't mean to keep rambling about my trip but I do b/c it was AWESOME!!!!

Oh Paradise, I Miss You!

Even though it's great to be home it is always hard to get back to real life after a vacation. This time is no different than any other. I still haven't unpacked my bags yet, I'm pushing the household chores onto the back burner and I keep looking at my vacation photos over and over. :) I thought I'd post some more photos from my trip since I took so many...this just keeps me from working on stuff I'm supposed to be working on! Here's some more shots from Roatan, Honduras. It's a wonderful place to visit and I'd suggest putting it on your places to go.

April 20, 2009

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

We are back from Roatan, Honduras and it was AMAZING! We had a really cute beach cabana at Las Rocas Resort. It means "the rock" in Spanish and my left big toe will always remember that b/c I took my nail off by tripping over "the rock". Ouch! That's just a sidebar to a wonderful trip that I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a tropical destination. This place is known for the diving. It's located on the second largest reef in the world. We don't dive but we snorkeled our hearts out and the snorkeling is to die for right off of the beach! Here's a few pics for now and I'll try and do a part 2 b/c Ms. Brandi snapped about 575 pics.

April 14, 2009

10th Anniversary Celebration

It's a celebration...we are celebrating 10 yes I said 10 years of marriage. For all of you who have known Leroy and I for a long time you all know what a big deal this is for us! We are off to The Bay Islands in Honduras. We'll be swaying in our hammock at our beach cabana for the next few days and snorkeling to our hearts content. Right now I'm off to the book store for a good beach read so I'll be back in the office working on Monday, April 20th. My fellow photographer friend Nicole Whelan Photography took these great photos of us. Until then...

April 13, 2009

Feeling Lonely

Sometimes I feel so lonely on my blog because I have very few comments left for me. I saw this great t-shirt when I was at my photo conference in Las Vegas...this guy was wearing a shirt that said, "No one reads your blog!" Ha! I laughed when I saw that b/c I can relate! So, I've set up this poll to see who (if anybody) is out there. Please vote and let me know and if you get REALLY crazy start leaving me comments. I sure would like to know I'm not alone here.

April 11, 2009

LeRoy's Roundhouse

Every once in a while I have LeRoy do some of his old karate moves and my very, very favorite is when he tries to do a "roundhouse". I had no idea what this move was the first time he was going to show me but once I saw him try and do this move I nearly peed my pants. When I need a good laugh, I beg him to show me some karate moves. It gets me laughing everytime...I hope you enjoy this video while it's up b/c once he realizes I've posted it on my blog I know it's coming down. Ha! By the way, Sloan was not injured in the filming of this video however LeRoy on the other hand may have pulled a muscle or two.

April 8, 2009

New Product=Personalized Collage

I made this collage to decorate my own house and then I've had a few people see it and want one, too. I've added this product into my new pricing guide for 2009. It's an 8x12 print collaged with a few photos, personalized then mounted to gatorboard.
They fit perfectly on a tiny easel and decorate any shelf or table beautifully. This collage is priced at $55.