January 27, 2014

New Year Headshots

Noemi and Corey are good friends who have a lot of fun together. Noemi contacted me about setting up some headshots for her friend Corey who's thinking about dabbling in some acting/modeling. I met them a few weeks ago at the park and our adventure started. Well, my adventure actually started a few hours before hand...this was my first week back to the gym and I had done BodyPump two days before. My muscles had been sore the day after my work out but nothing too crazy. Friday rolls around (which is the day of our shoot) and I feel great! I run a few errands, do some photo work and about 2 hours before my hip starts to smart a bit. Then, as I try to come down the stairs I realize I have to hop on one foot b/c I can't put any pressure on that leg. It's excruciating! I'm like, "What the hell did I do to my hip? And, how am I going to get through this shoot if I have to drag one leg behind me like a ghostly Halloween creature?" I pop some ibuprofen and decide to weather through the pain. On arrival, I'm meeting Noemi and Corey for the first time and they are two young pups in their mid 20's and I have to let them know up front why I may be dragging my right leg around during our shoot and that they may have to rescue me if I fall down and can't get up! We ended up finding some nice spots in the park by the water, by the trees and some good sun reflections and all the while my leg quits hurting. At one point, Corey changes into his jeans and drops trow right by the road while a Circle C mom drives by in her suburban giving a big honk on her horn and I truly believe it was out of approval and not to give notice that a car was coming. Haha! I had a fun time with these two and we had a lot of laughs and got a lot of great shots. I ended up taking a few "friend" shots at the end and I think they sum up their relationship that is filled with alot of laughter! With out further adieu, here's Corey & Noemi! Oh, and by the way my hip never hurt again. It was the weirdest thing ever!

January 10, 2014

Together Again!

I got hired over the holidays to photograph this super fun family. They all hadn't been together in a long time and we're spending a few weeks together over the holidays. It was so cute to see the cousins together and interact. They were so sweet to one another and very affectionate and loving and they loved to laugh alot so it was a real pleasure photographing them. Luckily, they live right on a golf course and the weather was a bit chilly so there wasn't really anyone playing golf that day so we moved their loveseat out to the fairway and had our shoot right out on the course. We kept our eyes and ears out for anyone yelling, "FORE!" but it never happened just photos, smooching, laughing and dogpiling went on. Here's a few fun shots from our shoot...

Hello World Happy 2014!