May 23, 2013

The Boys of Summer

Oh, who remembers their summer after 8th grade finishing middle school and 9th grade the beginning of your high school years?  I so remember that summer like it was yesterday.  After 4 years, I got my braces off the last day of 8th grade and then my mom let me get contact lenses so I felt like a new girl that summer!  Mid summer my girlfriends and I were at the local drive-in (yes, I said drive-in), my sister worked the concession stand there so we'd go to work early with her so we didn't have to pay the fee to get in. Haha! While me and my girlfriends were hanging out on our blanket not paying a stinkin' attention to the movie, a fellow classmate (who I thought was super cute at the time) asked my friends if I was somebody's cousing from out of town.  It was dark out but still he didn't recognize me b/c I had gotten my braces off and didn't have my giant fly like glasses on anymore!  The butterfly had finally blossomed and I thought at that moment "life is good!"  It's those warm summer nights at the drive-in theatre that take me back to those boys of summer.  Enough of my reminiscing here...I photographed this great group of boys who are graduating from the 8th grade and their mom's wanted to do a photo shoot of them together b/c their such good friends, they have lots of fun together and they are all into football!  I had alot of fun trying to organize the chaos here but once we got started it did NOT take long for them to get into it and start coming up with some of their own fun ideas for the shoot.  So, here are The Boys of Summer 2013!

May 20, 2013


It's that time again people!  Summer is almost here and it's time to get those beach trips booked!  Come on down to Port Aransas and schedule your fun, fun, fun beach portraits with me.  You all know how I love the beach so when you mix photography with the beach it is pure creative mojo for ME!  These sessions are so fun and carefree so go ahead...what are you waiting or email me and get on the calendar!!!  :)

May 15, 2013

The Next Disney Star?

"K" thinks she may want to do a some acting so her mom called me to get some headshots set up.  This is a very simple process for you out there thinking you might like to do the same for your kiddos.  We actually met after school one day at the park nearby and she had on a very simple, colorful shirt that was a great color on her and then mom also brought a blue jean jacket to throw on for a different look.  I brought a few props like the umbrella and small bench that we used to give the photos some variety.  "K" did great and we had the photo shoot knocked out in about an hour.  So, without further's Disney's next star! :)

May 13, 2013

It's Party Time!

A few weeks ago I had alot of fun photographing little Courtney's 2nd birthday party.  Mom and Dad had her all decked out in her pink and green tutu and she looked so precious!  She was happy as a clam to have all her friends and family over to her house to party with her on her birthday!  She loved all the balloons and digging in the cooler to find herself a little drinkie poo.  They had the hot tub going for the kids to play in, the sangria on the deck for the adults and a little kiddie pools for the wee ones to splash in...this was a party that everyone could enjoy!  Without further's the big TWO year old!

Circus Girl

May 7, 2013

Beautiful Briana

I photographed Briana in her parent's backyard which was like a park. There's a pond with fish, a jungle gym and twinkling party lights everywhere. It was just lovely. Briana warmed right up in front of the camera and was a real natural. She LOVES animals so we had to incorporate some of her favorite pets into the shoot which was alot of fun! I can honestly say I've never photographed a ferret before which was really cooperative once we got her settled down! Her cat is a Ragdoll which is kind of funny b/c the cat looked like a ragdoll during her photos. Briana just molded her however she wanted her. Without further's beautiful Briana! Enjoy.