February 22, 2010

IF it snows on Tuesday, THEN there will be mini sessions

Hey everyone,
I thought it would make for some super cute photos of the kids frolicking in the snow if it actually happens tomorrow. I've put together some spontaneous mini sessions IF it snows. They will be short 20 minute sessions and have the kids wear some bright mittens, hats & scarves.

Brand New Product---Metal Prints!

The original title on this was "Brandi New Product---Metal Prints!" I just kept typing my name without even thinking about it. Maybe I should have left the title how it was. I am thrilled to announce I have some new cool products that I am going to be offering this year. My first announcement is the new metal prints. My photos of these samples will not even show you how cool they really are. The photo is on a brushed metal tile...super yummy! Let me know if you'd like to come by and see it up close or if you'd like to order one. Sizes and prices below:

8x10 $70
10x10 $90
12x12 $100
11x14 $110
10x20 $130
12x24 $150
16x20 $170

February 17, 2010

The One & Only Inspirational DeeAnn

Do you ever feel like you should be doing more with your life? Sometimes I think I should be doing more to help the world out. I LOVE my job as a photographer but there are times that I think I should be doing more meaningful photography work with the talents God has given me (I don't know what that would be though). I'm often reminded frequently by my clients that they will cherish their photos forever and I'm then reminded that my photography does serve a purpose.
I recently got a phone call from DeeAnn who wanted to do one of my "It's A Girl Thing" packages where you get hair and make up done. You see, DeeAnn is currently fighting breast cancer and is in chemo and radiation treatments. She lost her husband 4 years ago to cancer and is raising two wonderful boys on her own. Her sister has come to live with them for awhile and help her however needed. When she called me, she let me know that she has no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows and really wanted some professional help. Also, she just wanted her sister to be able to be pampered and have some fun, too. Brian (my stylist) and I offered them a day of fun and relaxation. After Brian finished DeeAnn's hair and make up and we were on our way to the country for our photoshoot, DeeAnn let me know that she felt absolutely wonderful about the way she looked. This made my heart smile and reminded me that I am doing something truly meaningful and I love it.

February 8, 2010

Morgie In Matilda Jane Video

I had so many cute shots of Morgan in her Matilda Jane gear that I had a hard time deciding which shots I should put up on the blog SOOOOOO I decided to make a video to share more of the photos from the shoot. Yippee! Check it out now.

Morgie In Matilda Jane

Hey everybody, I just wanted to post a few photos from a recent photo shoot...love them! I have a friend who is a rep for Matilda Jane Clothing which is a clothing line for little girls and moms. The stuff is to die for...yummy. I've photographed Morgie wearing a few different outfits and the adorable hat is mine (thanks to my sister for another great Christmas present). Anyway, if anyone is interested in the upcoming trunk show next week at my friend's house please let me know and I will pass along the information.

February 4, 2010

Snow Princess

Look at my little neice in her snow princess dress. We went out shooting today in this icky weather but she agreed she was up for it as long as she got 2 Girl Scout thin mint cookies for cooperating! She twirled and danced and kicked her little furry boots around and she SMILED! I'm so happy she smiled. She loves her Auntie Bran however she doesn't love Auntie Bran so much when she has a big, black camera in her face. For our Christmas shoot, she acted like she had never met me before. So when today rolled around and she smiled willingly for me it just made my day.