June 23, 2016

Hello Hawaii!

Back in the spring, I got to take a trip to Hawaii to visit my college room mate who lives there. I never had a chance to blog about it because I was in full blown wedding season when I got back so I've decided when I need a little pick me up I'm just going to post a few photos from my trip! Holly was THE best tour guide you could ask for! She always had a plan for us and she kept me moving and grooving so I could see and do as much as I could while I was there. This particular day, she took me to the North Shore and there were lots of clouds and some rain at a couple of the beaches that we went to so she took me to this little river where we could do stand up paddle boarding. It was amazing! When we paddled up the river, we saw 10 HUGE sea turtles sunbathing on a tiny beach. She said she had never seen that before which was way cool. This was my first paddle boarding experience and what a way for a first...in Hawaii! I do think I was gripping my board with my toes too much (hanging on for dear life) because on our way back down the river I went into full blown foot cramp mode and had to sit on my board and massage all my toes and arch until it finally stopped. This getting old stuff really sucks! :) The river actually feeds into the open water with a huge current that will sweep you to the left if you're not strong enough to paddle hard to the right so we opted NOT to attempt that on my first day of paddle boarding! Haha! Holly and I have had a rough few years with both of us going through long,exhaustive divorces so when I see myself in these photos I look happy. It's the beginning of a fresh start for me and this trip was one way to help bring back my smile and start to feel like I've got the world at my finger tips again.