August 29, 2019

Digital File Summer Sale Video! It's Time to Clean Up the Hard Drives!

Hey, hey, hey...I've never done this before but it's time for some summer cleaning. Instead of spring cleaning, I'm doing some late summer cleaning and by late I mean it's never too late to do some cleaning! My boy moved out and went to college (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) and I've been deep cleaning the house. I've been digging deep into all the closets and tidying things up so I decided to do the same in my office. I'm offering a super special rate on digital files that I've never done before. If I photographed you in the years from 2005-2016, I am offering your high resolution, retouched digital files to you at a VERY good rate! Contact me directly to get the scoop at but first you must check out my super cute promo video that I just made! :)