June 22, 2022

Lifestyle Senior Shoot | Ivan | Barton Springs Road

Oh my gosh...this shoot!!! Thank goodness Ivan was super laid back and easy going. We had planned to have his shoot along Barton Springs Road and utilize some of the fun colors and textures on a Tuesday night. All should be calm and all should be bright however who knew that they changed Blues on the Green from Wednesday night to Tuesday night?! We had a rude awakening when we arrived down there and a bazillion people are walking, biking, scootering to get over to Zilker and it was an udder mad house. I had gone a bit early and found parking in the garage but the place got busier by the time Ivan and his mom arrived so she just dropped him and went to try and find parking. This post is going to be how amazing Ivan did during his shoot and how terrible of a company ATX Towing is...please do NOT ever use this company. They are running a terrible racket. So, the shoot with Ivan goes great and he's tuning out all the cars and people walking and driving by and we got fabulous photos of him which you'll see in his video. Long story longer, Ivan's mom parked at the back of Starbucks coffee with a bunch of other vehicles, walked away from her truck for no more than 20 minutes to walk over and pick Ivan up and when they got back to her truck it was gone...towed. They assumed she was going to Blues on the Green event and wouldn't be back until 10-11pm and they towed her truck while Starbucks was still open. Total racket and the owner of the towing company was terribly rude. I took her and her son straight down to ATX Towing to pick up her truck and the owner had said to give him 15 minutes and he'd be there. He made us wait over an hour while he finished his drink/dinner hoping that we would leave that night and she'd have to pick up her truck later. Once he arrived, he shut the gate in my face and wouldn't allow me to walk in with Alma & Ivan and told me that I wasn't allowed in there. I guess he thought I had SASS written all over my face. Now, it's 10pm and he made them sit in his office and wait some more while he laughed and talked on the phone...terrible customer service, terrible man. He proceeded to charge Alma $242 for towing. The Google reviews are spot on with this racket that they have going on. I feel like this is definitely something that @KVUEnews Defenders need to investigate. Enough of my soapbox, let's get to the good stuff with Ivan's video. Grab an Eastciders and some chips and hummus and kick back and watch Ivan's video.

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June 11, 2022

Aaron's Surprise 40th Birthday | Meanwhile Brewery | Austin, TX

What a fun lil' shindig documenting Aaron's 40th surprise birthday party! He was apparently on Dad duty that day while Mama went to "run errands". Secretly, a large crew were behind the scenes decorating the party room with balloons, photos, personalized koozies and kolaches shaped like a bike! When a friend conveniently called him and invited him out for an afternoon beer/playdate with the kids at a nearby brewery Aaron agreed. Thank goodness! :) When they arrived at the brewery, everyone was in place with confetti bombs in their hands. He strolled in casually pushing the baby carriage with a mile wide smile on his face. The confetti bombs spewed colorful bits and sparkle while a big "Surprise!" and laughter filled the room. I think he was pleasantly surprised to see so many of his good friends and loved ones there to celebrate him. Grab yourself a cold one and kick back, relax and enjoy the surprise.

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June 5, 2022

25th Wedding Anniversary Shoot | Brendan + Summer | Sekrit Theater

Oh my goodness! Do you know what I love so so much? To see a couple SO in love after 25 years of marriage together. What a sweet treat to see a couple who respects each other, gets along, laughs together, helps each other and are still best friends. Summer and Brendan have made it through some big hurdles in life together and I loved being able to capture yet another great milestone for them ...a very happy milestone I must say. Three cheers for 25 years of marriage! We had an amazing photo shoot at the Sekrit Theater which I think was the perfect, dreamy background for this shoot. Summer wore her mom's vintage wedding dress in a few of the photos at the beginning of the shoot and then changed into her own wedding dress that she wore 25 years ago! How many people can do that?! Definitely not me! Grab a cup of hot tea and a cookie and kick back and enjoy their sweet, sweet video.

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