July 24, 2012

Out of The Office

One last summer trip to visit my dad in Missouri. I'll be out of the office from Tuesday, July 24-29th returning to work on MOnday, July 30th. Please leave me a message and I'll be in touch when I return. Here's just another jam session on the Nellis' roadtrips. Stay tuned maybe there'll be some new jams from this trip! I'm going back to my hillbilly roots with a little "Elvira!" Bet you all didn't know I could sing so pretty. :)

July 10, 2012


Here's a few photos of day one from our trip to the Bahamas. Once we arrived and ate breakfast (food first!), we hopped in our little boat and went to go see these swimming pigs on Big Major Cay that I'd read about. It was quite an adventure to say the least. When the piggies hear your boat pulling up close to the beach they start swimming out to your boat to see what you've got to eat. They are grunting and sniffing and making all sorts of noises. It was quite intimidating on that first day. I had to yell at LeRoy to, "Back the boat up! Back the boat up!" One piggie was trying to climb into our boat.

July 1, 2012

One Summer Day...

the "C" family played with a bundle of balloons, ran with the balloons, tangled up the balloons, fought over the balloons, looked up at the balloons and laughed about the balloons. It was another beautiful, HOT summer day in Austin and I had the cutest family who were real troopers in the heat. We met early but that just doesn't matter here. It's 95 degrees by 9am! We made the best of it and their photos turned out so cute.

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