September 26, 2011

Down Syndrome Calendar Gala 2011

Once again, I volunteered for this great event this year and had so much fun. Every year the local Down Syndrome Association here (DSACT) puts together a yearly calendar to raise revenue for their cause. They always combine a local Down Syndrome child with a celebrity for each month on the calendar and then they have a huge kick off party which is this gala. The children that star in the calendar for the year get the ultimate treatment at the gala. They arrive in limos, the crowd is screaming for them, the paparazzi is there (that's me!)photographing them as well as KVUE News and then they have a loooooong, red carpet for them to walk into the party. It is just the cutest thing you have ever seen! Some of the kids are very receptive to the whooping and hollering while others are quite shy by all the attention. This year they even had Elvis there performing some of his dance moves. It really is a great cause and if anyone would be interested in purchasing a calendar please click on over to DSACT and get yourself one!

September 22, 2011

Beautiful Baby Boy

I had a great shoot with another handsome little guy that just turned one this past week. My oh my! He was one happy baby. He made my job so easy. He'd walk a little bit, stop and look at me, smile, pick up a rock, move a little bit, laugh, look at me. He was like putty in my hands the way he worked with me. There were so many super cute shots so I've had to pick a handful that I really like. I do have to say towards the end of the shoot, Mom changed his clothes and put him in a caribbean blue onesy with itty, bitty surfboards on it and as he trucked around the field and I photographed him I could hear Mom and Grandma discussing his outfit. Finally, Mom told me she needed to change him into another outfit and I was thinking OK but he's only been in this one for 2 minutes. Then she said, "This one looks like he's wearing a hospitable gown!" I could not stop laughing when she said this. I don't think it does but I have to put one of those pics in just so you can see. :) Enjoy!

September 19, 2011

A Baby & A Balloon

One year ago, I photographed this little honey when he was just out of the womb. Now, here we are a year later and he's a mover and shaker and his little personlity has started to develop. I just love to see the growth progress of my little kiddos that I photograph. They really do grow up so fast. We had a very difficult time getting "C" to slow down enough so I could actually photograph him. He kept dashing over to the neighbors house wanting to see if his little buddy could play. Finally, mom got him a snack and we managed to get him to sit for a few shots with his birthday balloon. Of course, my favorite shots are at the end when he lost his balance and toppled over but the best part is he never skipped a beat eating those cheerios. I love the shot where he's half way over and there's his hand still popping a cheerio into his mouth! Ha! So, so cute!

September 13, 2011

Mixing It Up Is Merrier Fall Mini Shoots

It's that time again! Are you ready to get on the calendar for a fall mini shoot? I have filled up half the slots so don't me soon to get your family scheduled. I have some really cute Christmas card designs this year as well as some fun and exciting NEW products that will be coming just in time for Christmas. They will make great present ideas for the family...stay tuned!