February 19, 2012

New Photos!!! Yeah!

Ok, I'm actually going to stop and post some photos that I recently took. Two posts in one day...shocker! I recently took some headshots for Sovettey and she rocked it! She was so photogenic and just really natural in front of the camera. She made my job so easy. It was a bit chilly outside and she didn't bring a coat so we had to let her warm up in the car between locations. I always like to tell my subjects that modeling is hard work especially when the weather is not that great! Let's hear it for those super models out there! With out further adoo...herrrrreeee's Sovettey!


I have fallen off the blogging wagon and can't seem to get back on! I had good intention after the new year and after that one post I fell off again! Is there a 12 step program to get you back on track to blogging? I've had some really funny and interesting stuff happen and I can't believe I haven't shared it. Like when I went to Vegas last month with some girl friends we stalked "The Batchelor" reunion going on at the 1Oak club in one of the casinos and then later were eating "dinner" (at 1am) and got sat next to a table with 5 people from the batchelor...Casey (ugh disgusting), Reed (forgettable) Michelle (pretty in real life too), Jackie and the CRAZY BLOGGER!!! Well, Casey, Reed and Michelle left the table and that left Jackie and Crazy sitting on one side of the booth together so my friends dared me to go over and talk to them. You don't have to ask me twice. I got up and walked over and scootched my big bootie right into their booth with them and said, "Hi!" You should have seen Jackie's face. She looked at me like who the "f" are you? I told her I was (along with all my embarrassed friends over there)a big fan of the show and then asked about their reunion and if Crazy Blogger was really Crazy Blogger. Crazy had her hair up in a bun on top of her head and so it didn't quite look like her but yes, she said she was "the blogger". I'm the one who added the "crazy" onto the front b/c she's nuts. Then, I asked Jackie how she was doing since her and Aimes broke up and she said things were really good for her right now and I told her good b/c we were all worried about her and praying for her! :) I went back to my table and then shortly later Casey (ugh) came back and one of my friends yelled him over and asked to see his tattoo! haha! And, he asked my friend for a hug and she said no but did take a photo with him. What a night! We were worse than damn teenagers that night but I didn't care b/c I had won big at BlackJack right before!!!