December 3, 2017

Nutty Nutcrackers!!!

Leave it up to my sister to come up with the idea for her family to be Nutcrackers for their Christmas card shoot! We laughed and said you know Glenn (her hubby) must really love her to go along with her ideas sometimes! We ventured out downtown looking for some good white columns and doors to incorporate in our shoot. We found the 1st Methodist Church downtown had some HUGE columns that worked great. It was a Sunday late afternoon so not hardly any people were downtown. We're getting set up for our shoot and the Dukes family is decked out in their Nutcracker gear and we're thinking we'll be shooting in solitude but nooooooo...who comes pulling around the corner? The Austin Duck Tour! They slow down the tour bus and the tour guide stops the tour and is speaking on the overhead speaker asking us if we're photographing their Christmas card. We reply yes and everyone is laughing and quacking their quackers. They've requested a Christmas card be sent to the Austin Duck Tour office b/c they'd like to see the final product! Guess we'll have to make that happen and add 1 more to the ol' Christmas card list!