January 29, 2011

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January 25, 2011

John & Carey Wedding

Here's a wedding I shot last fall that I'm just getting around to posting. It was a beautiful, quaint ceremony with only their family and closest friends. The wedding was at Beusher State Park out in Bastrop. They have the prettiest amphitheater there which makes a great setting for a wedding. The flowers were done by The Flower Studio and they were absolutely gorgeous. I loved the colors Carey chose...that deep orange. I'm sorry I don't know the name of the guitarest but he was phenominal so if anyone wants to know I can find out from the bride and groom. The cute blond minister doing the ceremony is my sister...she makes me so proud! She's the good egg in the family and well, I'm the uh...cracked egg? :)
I made this cute wedding video which gives a good variety of shots through out the day.

January 21, 2011

Beautiful Nail...Just one!

Just dropped my little honey off at a birthday party sleepover and I headed straight to Roxy Nails for a mani/pedi. Nothing like a good little spa time to get the weekend started. Here's another great video my stylist has shared with me that I think is just a hoot...this gal's funny and does a perfect impression!

January 19, 2011

Winter Love

Literally a week before Christmas, LeRoy and I decided after our rough 2010 we needed to end it on a getaway. I had been wanting Sloan to see snow so I started doing some research online and we ended up heading to Durango, Colorado. It was a super duper choice b/c it is the cutest old west town ever. It was absolutely perfect the day we pulled into town b/c the snow was falling and it looked just like in the movies. It ended up dumping about 32 inches in 3 days (no joke) so Sloan definitely got to see some snow. It was the MOST snow LeRoy and I had ever seen and you know I've seen some snow being from Missouri! I have to say though it is true that it just didn't seem as cold b/c of the dry air. I think it was high of 22 degrees the day we went skiing and I didn't even wear my ski goggles...maybe b/c I was sweating my bootie off and they kept fogging up. Lord, help me get back to the gym this year! :) Anyway, it was just what the Nellis family needed to end the year and ring in the new. We went snowmobiling (too fun!), skiing and went on a beautiful sleigh ride (my choice). Hope everyone is having a Happy 2011 so far.

3 hours from our final destination the snow started to fall

...and fall

...and fall

By this point, I'm getting a little nervous driving
Random snow skiiers out in the middle of NO where!
Now these vehicles I trust in the snow...we snowmobiled through the forest and it was so beautiful. I did great until 200 ft. from the end and tipped the snowmobile over with Sloan on the back
This is my all time favorite scenic shot from this trip. It looks like a Hallmark commercial/card to me...cozy!
Let's just say Sloan was NOT used to the cold
Thank goodness we don't have to do this in Texas!
Time to ski
Ski lessons for me!

but it wasn't. I took about 6 pictures of this guy and then once he got right in front of me I was like oops! That's not my hubby.
The Lodge...warmth!
Check out that snowflake! I mean we couldn't have planned that...hysterical and I don't I have the best smile?
Just another icicle in Colorado...and we think everything is bigger in TX!
Snowball fight
Sloan is my little future photographer, huh?
I love these trees!

Our horses name's were Earl & Pearl and they were out of shape...we loved them!
It was 0 degrees on this ride. We were FFFRrreeeezzzzzing!

We had to stop and give Earl & Pearl a break before they tried to make it up this hill. Bless their hearts

It's so cold he's got ice boogies
Mmmm!Hot cocoa and live music back in the lodge. Warmth!

January 4, 2011

She's Got The Whole World In Her Hands!

We photographed Emily about a month ago and I am FINALLY getting around to posting her stuff. Whew! I was really spinning my wheels this holiday season and I want to thank everyone for their continued support and business! Emily is actually from a small town around Houston and she is ready to take on the world! Hence, her and the globe shot. She did travel to Paris this past year and fell in love with Europe. I love photographing seniors b/c they really are excited to start their new lives whether it be college, a job, travels, etc. Their enthusiasm gets me enthusiastic, too! Cheers to Emily and her new life at college!