August 26, 2013

She's Going Places!

I photographed Katie a few weeks ago and she's yet another cool, Austinite senior who is going places!  She is wrapping up her senior year doing great things in drama, music and academics!  We had a great time working our way down South Lamar early one morning finding all sorts of our normal and funky locations in South Austin.  I love this opening shot of her in front of the painted RV b/c she looks super confident and ready to take on new advertures in her life when she graduates high school.  We later focused on her love to read and art history when we packed her a picnic and posed by Piknik cute!  I love these!  We had a bit of fun wrapping up by the South Austin Music mural and I loved her expressions she came up with while mimicking the musicians on the wall!  Without further's Katie!!!