September 20, 2017

What Little Boys Are Made Of!

Complete and utter cuteness...that's what little boys are made of! Let me tell you there is NOTHING better than little boys who are balls of energy, balls of laughter and balls of silliness! I love that I get a dose of little guys from other families now. My baby is 17 and while he's funny yet dry, energetic but lazy and a little bit silly with a whole lot of cool I miss those younger years when he was a ball of energy and thought I was the bomb diggity. We did part of our shoot at Midway which was a bit hectic you could say. The photos turned out amazing considering that I had two little girls throwing grass on me nonstop while I was trying to work. I love Midway though for it's "Austiny" flavor and color. We conquered a few on the back of the ice cream truck that says "pure JOY on the inside!" until Chachi took a spill into the mulch...not so joyful eating dirt. He came back strong though and finished the shoot like a rock star laughing and smiling all the way through the shoot. Lots of cuteness to be had here...sit back and get ready to smile.