October 8, 2008

Recycle My Brother

Check out her tshirt...recycle my brother! I love it! I got the biggest kick out of these two. They were so cute. Big sis just wanted to "mother" her baby brother the whole time and love on him. They were good participants for the shoot and I think the photos show that.

Cowboy Up!

I had more of my "Mixing It Up Is Merrier" shoots last week and they were alot of fun! The "A" family moved to Austin not too long ago so we had to put their new cowboy hats to the test. The boys were real naturals with their hats and flip flops on. Ha! That's what we call a "relaxed cowboy".

October 7, 2008

White (and black) Christmas Cards

Along with my fun and colorful Christmas cards, I thought I'd offer some "pretty" Christmas cards for a variety. These are 5x7 folded cards printed on linen or glossy cardstock. These designs are pretty swanky but you can have alot of fun with all the differnt layouts that are being offered. The 5x7 folded cards are sold only in sets of 25 cards and are priced at $80/25 cards.
Style 1 front of card
Style 1 inside of card
Style 1 back of card
Style2 front of card
Style 2 inside of card
Style 2 back of card
Style 3 front of card
Style 3 inside of card
Style 3 back of card
Style 4 front of card
Style 4 inside of card
Style 4 back of card
Style 5 Front of card
Style 5 Inside of card
Style 5 Back of card

October 6, 2008

A Couple Of Cuties

This set of twins were a little reluctant at first with Ms. Brandi photographing them. They warmed up quickly when my son started performing for them to get them to laugh. Then, that was it they had their giggle box tipped over the whole time. Aren't they sweet?

October 4, 2008

Naughty & Nice

I have photographed these two kiddos a few other times and they are always entertaining! How cute are those shirts? Their mama is always quite creative when she's putting their outfits together for their shoots. Their Christmas cards are going to be just fan-tab-u-lous this year!!!

Tutu Blue

I photographed another fun family this past week at the park. Their outfits were infused with blue and I think it really pops! I am loving how my families are starting to mix it up with some color. Yeah! The kiddos were really cute and were quite hams in front of the camera. I loved it.


October 2, 2008

My Families Rock!

I have to say that the families I have been able to meet and photograph really do ROCK! I have met some of the sweetest, coolest, funniest families all through my work. I really do love my job. Last week while embarking on more of my fall shoots I had the pleasure of photographing the "J's" again. They are so easy going, relaxed and photogenic they make my job easy. We came across this bumper sticker on the side of the building and I told them we had to use it in one of their photos b/c well...let's face it big or small...families rock! Before posting today I decided I better do a little research here and see what this bumper sticker is all about. It's actually quite cool. It's an Austin website where you can browse all the cool things to do as a family in Austin. Check it out: www.familiesrock.com