November 5, 2012

"Cocoa Christmas" Card Designs

Here's some the "Cocoa Christmas" card designs. These are also the 5x7 flat two-sided cards like the others. Everyone loves having the multiple photo openings for their card b/c it's always hard to pick just one photo to show off how cute your kids are! The pricing is the same and envelopes are included. Yeeha!

Minimum order 25 cards 1.85/ea
26-60 cards 1.80/ea
61-125 cards 1.75/ea
125+ 1.65/ea


"All Is Calm" Trifold

Here's a new 5x5 design called "All is Calm."

5x5 Trifold Holiday Cards

Here's 3 5x5 trifold samples: The first card is titled "Words", the second card is titled "Celebrate" and the third card is "snowflake". These are adorable and are fully customizable as well. These are a great way to showcase the family and kids.

Pricing for the 5x5 Trifolds:
Sold in sets of 25 only: $80/set

One Last Country Mini Session

I'm making this my last session to post b/c I've got to get the Christmas cards up for everyone to view! Once again, I had a blast photographing this family...they are a hoot and a half and never let me down. Plus, I always love the stylizing that Kelly does to get her family coordinated for photos. Here's the "V" family...

Stay tuned...Christmas card designs will be the next post!!!

November 2, 2012

The "Country" Mini Sessions

I am on the tail end of my month long mini session shoots and I have to say that I am one tired lady! I started with two weeks downtown to get some good urban photos and these last two weeks I have moved to the country for some good outdoor shots. I tried to use different places at the park than I've used before and it's amazing how if you look closely even the dead, dried foliage can make some really cool backgrounds. It's been a fun, crazy run this past month but I've truly enjoyed taking all these family photos and hopefully these photos will be cherished for years to come. To start here's the "W" family which happen to be my neighbors that I've never photographed before and I had a real ball with them.

Here's the cute "M" family with their boots on!


Here's the "T" family with their little snow princesses!

Here's the "C"family and they are full of life!

I had to save the best for last...

October 30, 2012

More Mini Session Photos!

Here's some more mini session shoots from week 2...more downtown shoots!  These were so fun!
Here's the "G" family:

Here's a different "G" family:

Here's the "V" sisters:

Here's the "P" family:

Here's the "W" family: