March 8, 2018

Meet Me In Memphis

I was so excited for my trip to Memphis to check out this old, colorful city and to meet up with a cute boy (that I already know) and of course the day before I'm to leave I start feeling like dog doo. Seriously? Whyyyyy? Why right before the trip? Why not the week before or when I get home? Noooooo! It has to happen during the trip...ugh. I still made the trip but I went down hill more once I got there so I didn't get to see as much as I would've liked to have. I still had fun and was taken well care of but I guess I'll just have to go back for a round 2. I did want to share some of the pics from my trip because Memphis has a really old, cool vibe with lots of art and music. We stayed downtown at Hotel Napoleon and it's an old building that has been completely remodeled on the inside and our room was cozy with giant windows looking out onto the city. The service was excellent and everyone was super friendly. The location was perfect. We could walk to The Peabody in 2 minutes, Beale Street in 5-7 minutes and S. Main in 2-3 minutes. The streets are filled with these old, glamorous buildings with amazing detail and a lot of them are sitting empty...could definitely tell this place used to be thriving. I always can dream SO big when I see these places that have such good bones but need a good gut job. They're diamonds in the rough. I have no doubt that Memphis is on it's way back. Beale Street is where the action happens with the live music at BB King's Blues Bar and all sorts of other places. It's sort of a mini 6th Street like here in Austin. You can just walk up and down the closed off road and meander into shops, bars and restaurants and check out the different vibes. No, I didn't make it to Graceland...just didn't have the energy so I'll have to go back to check that out. I do have a photo of me and my sister when we were little in front of Graceland. It was closed that day or maybe that's just what our dad told us. Ha! Who knows! All in all, Memphis gets my vote! If you have the opportunity to go, I say check it out and enjoy the vibe. It's even better if you can meet a cute boy there, too. #travelphotographer #meetmeinmemphis #hotelnapoleon #burnttoast #bestporkribs #Gus'sworldfamousfriedchicken

January 14, 2018

Elijio Senior 2018!

I had a great shoot with Elijio right in his own backyard. His family has a beautiful piece of property and we kept the shoot close to home. Check out his video now!

January 8, 2018

New Year Print Sale | Big Print January Sale!!!

It's here like so many other years...the Big Print January Sale! You can order any large photographic prints 16x20 up to 30x40 for half price now until January 31st, 2018! Hop on this deal b/c it's a steal!

Happy New Year!!!

I'm starting the new year off just like I always do ... easing into the new year slowly. I do it every year. I'm not gung ho with the new year until week two. That's just how I roll. I'm slow to change (not sure that's a good trait but that's me!). I work my buns off like a mad dog September through December and by the time Christmas rolls in I can barely keep it all together. My norm has become to chill that week of Christmas and then ease into the new year slowly. I like to make a few goals for my business and for myself but look let's not go crazy here. I don't need the disappointment if I can't follow through. Here I am though BLOGGING!!! Yay me! AND...I'm getting my Google Business account set up today and I went to Body Pump at the gym. Heck, I guess I am an over achiever. Ha! I'm going to try and make some fun changes to the business to shake things up. Can you believe I've been a photographer for 19 years? 2019 will be my 20th anniversary. I better get to work and shake it up...gotta keep things fresh. Happy New Year! Here's a few shots from my New Year's Eve!

December 3, 2017

Nutty Nutcrackers!!!

Leave it up to my sister to come up with the idea for her family to be Nutcrackers for their Christmas card shoot! We laughed and said you know Glenn (her hubby) must really love her to go along with her ideas sometimes! We ventured out downtown looking for some good white columns and doors to incorporate in our shoot. We found the 1st Methodist Church downtown had some HUGE columns that worked great. It was a Sunday late afternoon so not hardly any people were downtown. We're getting set up for our shoot and the Dukes family is decked out in their Nutcracker gear and we're thinking we'll be shooting in solitude but nooooooo...who comes pulling around the corner? The Austin Duck Tour! They slow down the tour bus and the tour guide stops the tour and is speaking on the overhead speaker asking us if we're photographing their Christmas card. We reply yes and everyone is laughing and quacking their quackers. They've requested a Christmas card be sent to the Austin Duck Tour office b/c they'd like to see the final product! Guess we'll have to make that happen and add 1 more to the ol' Christmas card list!

November 27, 2017

Sibling Love

There is nothing better than to see siblings who love each other and have fun together. These three were so cute together and I just loved how they showed love for each other during the shoot...without being prompted from mama.

November 25, 2017

The Esteves Family

I had a great time photographing the Esteves crew downtown. They wanted a shoot with a little Austin flair so we hit downtown and gave them some interesting textures, sculptures and murals. Their oldest son wanted a few shots by the Capitol so we ended up wrapping the shoot there and the lighting was just lovely by then. All in all, a fun shoot with a great family!