April 9, 2008

9th Anniversary Gift

I love these photos from our family vacation last year and I haven't been able to do anything fun with them UNTIL I came up with the idea to make my hubby a collage for our 9th anniversay this month. This collage is from our Bahamian vacation this past summer and I just love it and hope he does to. Are you kidding? No, he doesn't read this blogger thingy. The framed collage will still be a surprise.


Misty said...

I love it. You are such a whiz with the computer. That looks like a fun trip. Wish I was there right now!!!

KitKat Talks! said...

Brandi, love your collage from your trip last summer! It is so colorful, i love all the squares of colors and design! Haven't checked out your new site yet.. . . . . katherine