August 16, 2008

Warning:This Is What Can Happen On A 5 State Roadrip

A few weeks ago, we loaded up the minivan and drove across 5 states to get to one of our dear friend's wedding in Atlanta. We all know that the time can pass slowly at times. Well, we rely on scanning the radio alot and here's what can happen... By the way, I never said I COULD sing. I said I LIKED to sing. My favorite part is where I add in the fingersnaps toward the end. This clarifies that once a cornball always a cornball. Oh, and look how cute my sassy new haircut looks. :)Stay tuned for some cute photos from the wedding, too.


Misty said...

Thanks for that lovely rendition of Elvira. Nellis you crack me up. I like that camera action!

Haley Brown said...

Oh man! You guys are crazy goober's! Never heard that song in my life- but you guys did a wonderful music video haha :)

Elaine said...

omg, you 2 just calmed my fussy teething 8 month old baby!!