March 5, 2009

The Whelans

I met Nicole at the Down Syndrome Gala back in the fall. She was the other photographer that volunteered her time and we just hit it off that night. It's always fun talking shop with other people that are interested in the same thing. She contacted me for some shots of her and her hubby. We met up downtown a few weeks ago and just had a ball. They told me they'd be bringing their 4 kids along and I thought this should be interesting trying to wrangle 4 kids in downtown Austin BUT OH MY GOSH...they have THE best kiddos in the whole world. I honestly didn't even know they were there. They were so cute...the two older kids pushed the two younger ones in the stroller. AMAZING!!! At the very end of our shoot the Segway tour came by and the last guy cracked me up so I had to put that shot in.

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Fun shots!!!