May 20, 2009

Two Little Cupcakes

Check out these two sweeties! We had to get the little one warmed up to the idea of taking pictures but once she got started she was all over it. As for big sis, well if you can't tell by looking...she's a natural. Even though Meghan is only in kindergarten she stands about a foot taller than my 8 year old son. Look out! I told her mom that they REALLY may have a future model on their hands. We ended the shoot with rewarding them with cupcakes and it was a fun ending to a really long and hot shoot.


Tiffany said...

These are ADORABLE Brandi!!

Deb Tracey said...

Hi Brandi! wow! things look great with you! love your site and love this post!! Thank you for your comment! YES! treasure that little guy while he's young :) Enjoy every moment you can! I love your children's portraits! God Bless, deb