June 10, 2009

Back From The Beach!

We are back from the beach and it was another great trip. We go with two other families and their kids and this was our 7th year together. We upgraded our living quarters this year to a house b/c the Palcers adopted their baby boy last year and we've got a bigger group now! Our house we stayed in was THE BOMB! It even had an elevator so you didn't have to carry your coolers and heavy luggage down 3 flights of stairs. Holla! Sloan thought it was so cool that now he wants to be an "elevator guy" when he grows up...big dreams...big dreams. What can I say though? My mom always said I wanted to work in the drive up bank when I was little. Ha! My "Port A Beach Photo" special went great and I'll be posting some of those photos soon. Until then, here's some cute shots of my little honey at the beach.


joann said...

Sounds like you had fun....too bad we missed it again.

Misty said...

Looks like fun!