November 3, 2009

More UT-DSACT photos

It's been a little crazy around here lately but I was finally able to work on the photos from a few weeks ago when I went to the UT Longhorn football practice. I don't have all the exact details of the story but the jist of it is that apparently one of the UT players used the word "retarded" in an interview. The Down Syndrome Association is trying to stomp out the use of the "R" word so they set up this meeting to talk to the UT players about setting an example and not using the "R" word anymore. The team seemed very receptive to what was being said and Jack (boy in maroon shirt) gave a great little speech about how his feelings get hurt when people use the word "retarded". I was the lucky one who got to go along to the practice and document the meeting and practice. It was very fun and just a surreal experience. As I was standing down on the turf looking up at the huge Memorial stadium, I thought to myself when in my life did I ever think I'd be at a UT practice down on the turf? Then I had to whip out my MIZZOU hat and get a pic of myself! :) Once a Tiger always a Tiger (even if your team's not that hot).


Misty said...

Awesome. Especially like that last one you nut.

Cindy said...

Brandi, great photo's