April 26, 2010

Wall Displays

I have this great "Inspire Guide for Wall Displays" which gives you (the client) great ideas for photo wall displays in your home. I recently had a client order 4-11x14 gallery wraps for her wall display and I wanted to show you a couple different ways they could be hung. The first two photos are from my Inspire Guide and in the first shot it shows 4-16x20's but these could be substitued for 11x14's as well. I absolutely LOVE this book b/c alot of my clients aren't quite sure what to do with their new photos and this gives so many great options and helps in the decision making process. The other great thing about making your wall display out of gallery wraps is that you don't have to buy frames b/c the photo wraps around the edges giving it a finished look. Let me know how I can help you make your cool wall display!

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