May 3, 2010

My Little Heartbreaker

I managed to squeeze a few photos out of my boy the other night after I had tossed the football with him for awhile. He was not on board with doing the shoot however I negotiated (like the best of my parents) a deal and let him stay up 35 minutes later on a school night. Again, it was a short shoot but I haven't taken any shots of him since Christmas so I was pleased with what I got. My little guy is totally into football right now and it's been so fun cheering him on and helping him practice. He even taught me how to hold and throw the football correctly. Who knew you had to put your fingers between the strings? I thought the stitching was always there to make the football stylish! Ha! I even came up with my own's called "the mama." He gets tickled when I do it and sometimes even requests me to do it or tries to imitate me. I love it!

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Jennifer Moore said...

I really like the 2nd to last photo.