October 15, 2012

The Turtle Pond

Last weekend, I met this mom and her twin girls down on UT campus so that we could shoot at the turtlepond and use their cool architectural buildings.  Well, little did we know when we planned this shoot a few months ago that it would be the day that record attendance was broken for a UT home football game!  Holy cow!  I'm trying to find parking amongst 101,000 other people, haul my equipment across campus like cattle in a herd and on top of it all I got hounded by some drunk UT students to photograph them b/c they claimed, "They are THE biggest UT football fans of all time!"  Yeah, right!  Join the rest of the other 101,000 people and try to say that.  But, I did stop and photograph them and they were really cute and funny.  I need to dig that photo out and post it on here, too.  The funny thing was they didn't believe that I actually took their photo.  They thought I was just "acting" like I did.  Agh, to be a young, drunk, college student again.  It was entertaining.  Not only was my trip just getting to the shoot entertaining, my girls AT the shoot were so entertaining.  They are the cutest things ever with energy like no other.  I loved how they just wrestled, climbed, crawled and hugged all over their mom.  Without further adoo, here's my entertaining twins at the turtlepond.

And, here's the drunkards...

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