September 24, 2013

The Moores 2013!

The Moore's have some really great neighbors!  Their neighbors contacted me back in the spring and wanted to purchase a photo shoot for them to give to Kelli (the mom) as a Mother's Day gift!  What amazing neighbors, huh?  Now that things have cooled off a bit...haha!...a few degrees helps anyway. We met up to do our photo shoot a few weeks ago.  They had requested colorful, bright locations which you know is my FAV!  I hadn't been down to UT campus in forever and thought it would be fun to push my creative skills in finding some new locations.  Even though they are total A&M fans, they went for it.  We just couldn't have anything UT in the photos. :)
We ended up finding this super cool coffee shop and they let us come in and take over and get some really great family shots.  Without further's the Moores!

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