March 6, 2014

Mom's Cruise 2014

I just got back from my cruise to Cozumel with 21 other crazy and fun mama's from Austin, TX. It was so fun to get away, sleep in, be served breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to think about doing one errand, chore or clean! The weather was a bit iffy when we left Galveston but by the time we made it to Cozumel it was hot, sunny and perfect. A group of us had booked a beach get away from the cruise ship and it was awesome! We did get a bonus day on the ship due to heavy fog once we returned to Galveston. They had closed the port so we couldn't dock so we literally got to stay an extra day/night on the ship. Here's a few pics from my trip taken with my point and shoot camera :).

The hairdryer looked like a small vacuum attached to the wall.

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