November 4, 2014

B & D Growing Up!

I have photographed these little honeys since they were babies. Every year, they just keep getting cuter and cuter and sweeter and sweeter. We went with a South Austin theme this year b/c mama decided she wanted that famous Austin mural in her Christmas photos this year. Their relatives are mainly in the midwest and Canada (OH!). She wanted to send a little warm weather and South Austin cool their way! There's no better spot that there! The kids outfits were super cute. Their birthday shirts are off of Etsy. She always likes to photograph the kids in their birthday shirts and has had the best luck for the past few years finding them on Etsy! I highly recommend this for a kids photo shoot idea. The other outfits were inspired from my "What to Wear for Photoshoots" Pinterest page. Mama had found a red, black and white combo that she really liked and went shopping from there. Kick back, relax and take a look at my old blog.

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