March 22, 2018

Karissa's Going Places!!!

I grew up in a teeny tiny town in southeast Missouri and I had this best friend before kindergarten named Stephanie. We went to the same church, were in the same kindergarten class, went to school K-12 and even had EVERY single class together our sophomore year in high school...what are the odds! We went off to different colleges but remained friends through the years. We both ended up in Texas just not the same city. Now here we are YEARS later and she's bringing her daughter who's a senior to Austin so we can do Karissa's senior photos! Eek! We had SO much fun catching up on old times and filling each other in on new things in our lives. And, in the midst of all the laughter we squeezed in one heck of a senior shoot in about 30 mph winds. I have to say Karissa was a REAL trooper b/c these winds were strong and she has very long hair. In many of our photos it looks like we busted out the industrial fans however it was just Mother Nature wreaking havoc on us. ;) I'm so thankful for lifelong friends especially those crazy girls I grew up with from Ironton. There is nothing better than friends who know you inside and out and even when lengths of time pass without seeing/talking to each other you can pick right up where you left off from before. Get yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on what time of day it is and sit back and watch this sweet video of Karissa. Karissa is graduating 19th in her class of almost 1000 in Spring, Texas and she's headed off to Texas A&M for college! Like the song says in the video...Go On Girl! #senior2018 #austinseniorphotographer #growingup #lamarunion

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