June 23, 2020

ATX & Llano Family Photos Video | The Stewarts

I took a lil' scenic drive out to the small town of Llano to photograph the Stewarts on their ranch. I thought I had been to Llano before in all my years here but it's sort of sad to say that I realized I had never been there. I'm definitely going back b/c it's a super cute town! Might meet me a cowboy there! ;) When Stephanie (my friend and photo assistant) and I arrived on the property, Stephen loaded us up in his John Deere and took us all around the property to scope out the different places we could photograph the family. I was in heaven! There were massive fields of yellow flowers still in bloom, an old water tank, old weathered fencing and a tin building. He even showed us the ropes and how the deer feeders work (which is pretty cool I must say) and welcomed us with true Texas hospitality. We took our time while shooting and hit all the great spots on the property and in the end we got some really memorable shots of this family on their beautiful ranch. Our photo shoot ended at sunset and we cracked open a Michelob Ultra and rocked in the rockers on the porch while Stephen made us THE best steaks Stephanie and I have ever eaten in our lives! Thank you Miillers Meat Market! My mouth is watering just reliving the memory of eating that steak that just melted in my mouth like butter. :) And, thanks to Ginger who made us the most delicious sides to go with...everything was so good! Kick back and relax while you enjoy the Stewarts family video and don't forget to always take the scenic route.
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