October 28, 2020

ATX Lifestyle Family Shoot | Seaholm | The Ferraras

I met Dr. Mai about 5 years ago when she called me and was interested in finding a photographer to photograph her orthodontic client's new smiles once they got their braces off. We met and hit it off immediately and worked together for about 4 years or so. At that time, I also started photographing her family photos, too. Since I've known her, it's always been her and her two little boys. She lost her husband unexpectantly when she was pregnant with their second son and has raised them AND ran a successful orthodontist business for many years solo. I think that's why we hit it off immediately because we're both single mom's of boys and we're just trying to raise and love them right and sometimes...just sometimes... that's hard to do alone and ALOT to do alone. Can I get an AMEN? Well, she retired about a year ago from her practice so she could focus her time on her boys and be there for them all the time. Why am I telling you all this? I'm telling you all this because I admire her for her courage and strength AND that I also found this amazing song called "Hold on Tight" while I was editing their photos and these words just moved me so much that I decided to put their photos to it. It says... When the rain come
And the sky's falling down
In your darkest hour
When there's no one around
It won't be long
Keep your head strong
Hold on tight to me
Hold on tight, hold on
When you feel like crying
Go on, let it out
Just remember
The sun is shining behind the clouds
It won't be long
'Til your pain's gone
So hold on tight to me
Hold on tight, hold on

I think these lyrics probably ring true for alot of people especially these days living through a pandemic. Personally, I thought about me and my son and all the ups and downs that we've lived through together when I listened to the words and I'm sure others will find the lyrics relateable to whatever they're going through, too. But, in this special instance today I found these lyrics to be perfect for this Mama and her boys. With all the photos of the 3 of them holding each other tight, this little family is going to be alright. :) Turn it up.

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