January 29, 2021

IT SNOWED IN AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like that, after a shitty week of our nation's Capitol getting stormed the beautiful snow unexpectedly arrived in Austin, Texas and was a magical surprise that was SO needed. I was watching my Sunday morning church service on Facebook in the living room and there was an excitement in the air with hopes of the snow happening. I opened all the shades to the windows and watched like a little kid waiting and watching for Santa on Christmas Eve. As the rain turned to sleet, it eventually turned into the big, fat snow flakes and decorated Austin with a bright, white new coat of fresh snow. EVERYONE was so excited. We maybe get snow here every 8 years. In my 25 years in Austin though, this was by far the most snow that I've ever seen. I went for a woodsy walk with my neighbor Marion and then sledding with my friend Stacy!!!! I did a few back flips at the end of the hill. Thank you God for snow! :)

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