May 17, 2021

ATX Family Photography Video | The Yard | The Floreani Family

Family photo shoots are my jam. Family photo shoots with active kids are even more my jam. It's sort of like organized chaos in a good way. What I love the most though is when I get a family somewhat set up in a spot and the kids feel comfortable and are themselves and their natural personalities start shining through during the photos. I believe this creates character and gives the photos life. I'm all for a good posed family photo but I'm in love with an imperfect family photo that shows movement and style. My family shoot with the Floreani's is a great example of this! We would find a cool spot and get the family set up and then the kids just naturally did their "thing". Their "thing" consisted of them striking poses without cues, hugging, laughing, sticking out tongues, pointing, striking dance poses and running straight up to my lens and looking into it! As a long time photographer, I have discovered that some of MY most favorite images of ALL times come out of shoots like this so I'm in heaven and snapping away as fast as I can. Most parents aren't quite as excited about their kids doing their "thing" as I am during the shoot but usually are happy with the final outcome once they see how cute their family is. I have my own similar example of this happen when my son was in kindergarten and I was meeting the teacher after the first few weeks of school had started. She told me that she had had to move my son to the back of the class during story time when they sat down on the rug. During story time, my son would sit right at the teacher's feet in the front and then would turn around and make faces and act silly trying to stir the others up and make them laugh so she told me that she solved the issue by moving him to the back of the rug behind all the kids. She said he could make all the silly faces he wanted back there an the other students had no idea. I looked so disheartened at her and apologized for his behavior b/c I didn't want my child to be "that" kid. I'll never forget that she looked at me and said, "Hey, I LOVE spunky kids! He's doing great". I like to have this same relaxed approach during my shoots when family's have young spunky kids. To all my parents out there, it's ok if your kids don't act perfect during the shoot. We might just make your family's next masterpiece. Go ahead and grab your cup of joe and english muffin. Sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy the Floreni's family video.

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