August 26, 2008

Holiday Cards Up Close

These are my new 5x7 flat 2-sided Christmas cards. They can be printed on linen or glossy cardstock. There is a minimum order of 25 cards. Pricing is as follows:
Minimum order of 25 cards $1.65 each,
26-60 cards $1.58 each
61-125 cards $1.50 each
126-225 cards $1.42 each

Large Quantity Reprints for Holiday Cards Pricing is as follows:
Minimum order of 50-4x6 prints of same photo $1.00 each,
51-100 4x6's $.95 each
101+ $.90 each.

Here's a closer view of the new 2008 Christmas cards that I'm offering. Check them out! They're really colorful, cheery and bright...just how I feel about Christmas. They can be customized with your family's name on them, as well.
front of card
back of card

August 23, 2008

First Round of Christmas Cards Are Here!

I know it seems a bit early to think about the holiday season already BUT it won't be long and we'll be smack dab in the middle of the rush. Things were a bit crazy for me last year so I'm getting more organized and hopefully ahead of the game this year. Here's some super jazzy cards that I'm offering. These are 5x7 2-sided flat cards printed on cardstock. Envelopes included. Christmas order deadline is November 15, 2008!

August 17, 2008

Holly & Erik's Wedding

This is the wedding that we hauled rear across 5 states for...Holly & Erik. It was a very fun wedding in Atlanta, GA. The wedding was at a beautiful Catholic church with THE funniest, young priest I've ever met. And, the reception was at the Fernbank which is the Natural History Museum. It was so cool! While we ate our dinner and danced the night away there were 2 prehistoric dinosaurs lingering over us the whole night. Congrats to Holly and Erik. I hope they have a life filled with lots of love and laughter.

August 16, 2008

Warning:This Is What Can Happen On A 5 State Roadrip

A few weeks ago, we loaded up the minivan and drove across 5 states to get to one of our dear friend's wedding in Atlanta. We all know that the time can pass slowly at times. Well, we rely on scanning the radio alot and here's what can happen... By the way, I never said I COULD sing. I said I LIKED to sing. My favorite part is where I add in the fingersnaps toward the end. This clarifies that once a cornball always a cornball. Oh, and look how cute my sassy new haircut looks. :)Stay tuned for some cute photos from the wedding, too.

Cool New Product!

So, I've been working behind the scenes at Brandi Nellis Photography to come up with some cool new products and print sizes to offer. I have found this classic leather accordian album that holds 12 4x6 prints and makes for a great gift for dad's office or for the grandparents. The price of the leather accordian album...$85, the photos of loved ones inside...priceless! Ha! My poor attempt at advertising. Anyway, check them out below.

August 11, 2008

Our Little Trio

I recruited my crazy friend Jeff (who's also a photographer) to take some photos of our family b/c...well, we don't have very many. Jeff did a good job considering he's not used to photographing families...usually just hot male models. Man, having family photos done is chaotic people! The final product turned out cute but it took alot of work to get those AND it never fails that Jeff seems to always take our photos when it's 200 degrees outside with no wind. You can check out more of his work at Here's a few good ones...

August 9, 2008

The Walkers Walk Away From Texas

I photographed THE sweetest family this past week before they move to Arkansas. They wanted to preserve some memories in their home here in Austin and I think we did just that. We got some great shots of the family in front of their home and then some really fun shots of them all playing and running around in the backyard. I wish them well on their new journey they are embarking on.